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Welcome to our Cat Deterrents (cat deterrants) website. We've assembled a number of suppliers for a variety of cat deterrents and cat repellent products and we are sure that within these pages you will find just the cat deterrent you are looking for.

We even have some Free Tips and Tricks that might just solve your visiting cat problem.

By the way - we are cat lovers ourselves, but we do accept that some places in the garden are perhaps best kept cat free!

1. Before you start. One of the best known, cheapest and favourite ways of keeping cats off flower beds is to simply lay chicken wire on the bed before planting. Cats don't enjoy walking on chicken wire and they will quickly choose another place to visit that is less unpleasant for them to walk on and scrape. Of course most of us will already have established flower beds and gardens, so this is really only an approach for those re-modelling their gardens, or perhaps moving to a brand new property!

2 Some plants are natural cat deterrents, giving off scents that cats dislike and some examples of these are: Coleus canina, sometimes referred to as scaredy cat, rue, lavender and pennyroyal. If, like us, you have problems with visting deer, lavender also has a reputation for deterring these beautiful, yet destructive creatures.

3. There are some other substances that are effective Cat Repellers. Ammonia, mothballs, dried blood fertilizer and even cayenne pepper flakes, though caution is recommended with Ammonia, moth balls and cayenne pepper, particularly if you have young children in the garden. Moth balls and ammonia can be placed in the targeted area in jars with a few holes in the lid, but beware, some children may be able to undo the jar. Some cat lovers also claim cayenne pepper is harmul to cats and this would certainly be true if you were throwing it over the cats, but as with most creatures having a strong sense of smell, it is unlikely that the cats would get close enough to the cayenne pepper to harm themselves, as they would be long gone before inhaling the stuff!




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