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Mega Sonic Cat Repeller (The Big Cheese Mega Sonic Cat Repeller)

STV Mega Sonic Cat & Dog Repeller STV620

Twin speaker unit maximizes dB output and coverage area to deter cats, dogs and foxes.

Motion activated sensor detects animal movement and activates sonic output.

Push button testing with LED activation.

Easy set-up with ground anchor and adjustable stand height.


Mega Sonic Cat Repeller STV620 Technical Details

Detect and repel cats, dogs and animal pests such as foxes and badgers without doing them harm using this device. With motion activation, the repeller recognizes animal movement and emits a powerful 25 second sonic burst which will deter even the most persistent pests.The coverage area is up to 12 metres in a 180 degree arc (unobstructed space) and this creates a protected area of approximately 200 square metres.

* TWIN SPEAKER COVERAGE: Allows high frequency output across a 180 degree total coverage area.

* MAINS OR BATTERY: Requires 6 X Alkaline LR6 (AA) 1.5v batteries (not included) or optional extension cable and mains adaptor ( Not Included )

* TEST BUTTON: Push button testing with LED activation indicator

* EASY SET UP: With ground anchor and adjustable stand height, as well as wall and fence fitting-pack provided

In our own garden, we have a red stone chip covered area to the front, now well stocked with plants and a good 1" covering of red stone chips. Of course our three cats thought they were in seventh heaven with what they decided was a huge outdoor litter tray - until we invested in the Mega Sonic Cat Repeller. Now they rarely frequent the front garden, preferring instead to content themselves in our back garden, where the flower beds are both easier for them to "use" and also easier for us to maintain.

How do Ultra Sound Repellers Work.Ultrasound repellers emit a powerful sound wave designed to fall into the "stress" sound range frequency of many animals. By targeting this particular sound frequency, these devices will both alert and alarm the nuisance animal. On hearing the sound, the animal will try and avoid the sound and will uusally move away. Over time, this kind of product has been shown to work best on roaming, or newly mobile animals. Animals which have been feeding or frequenting an area for any length of time will at first make every effort to ignore the sound. Therefore this type of product is not recommended for chasing away feeding animals that have been present for an extended time. For such animals, you may at first need to utilise another form of pest deterrent (which we will be researching and adding to the site in time) and use the ultrasound device more as maintaining the nuisance animal free area. Once the nuisance animal is no longer present should you consider the installation of Ultra Sound devices.

Using Ultrasound Devices Ultra Sound is a sound which many animals can hear but it does have some limitations. First, it is very directional. This means that in the same way a torchlight only dazzles when shone directly at the target, you must be directly in it's line to hear it. Second, Ultra Sound does not penetrate anything very well at all. It cannot go through walls, plants, around buildings and so it is effective only in the area directly in front of where a unit is placed provided there are no obstructions such as long grass, garden furniture, tools etc. Third, Ultra Sound has a broad operational frequency range and in general, a range which might disturb one pest, may not necessarily bother another. For this reason some units will either have an adjustable sound range or may emit a variable sound pattern. Last, Ultra Sound works by producing a sound which falls into the range that the targeted animals do not like. Although they may not like this sound, Ultra Sound cannot "hurt or injure" any animal, so there is no need to worry about children or non nuisance pets being harmed. What you might notice is that any pet or child that can hear the sound, may avoid areas where Ultra Sound devices are installed. This is quite normal and should be expected. Obviously if you are using an Ultra Sound device to target creatures of the same species as your household pets, you can expect the pets also to avoid the area where you install the device. No harm will come to your pet should they enter an area in the yard where such a device is installed but chances are they will not want to go there once the unit is active.


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